Presscraft Components


The past

Presscraft Components Ltd was established over 50 years ago in the heart of Birmingham’s manufacturing district, just a stone’s throw from the old Lucus site. As well as general pressings and assemblies, the company soon gained a reputation for producing quality parts for the growing classic car aftermarket.  Our product range very quickly grew to include lamps, trims and general assemblies for a wide range of cars. These include  XK, MkII, ‘E’Type, classic Mini and MGB

The Present

Now based in Nechells, on the North-East edge of Birmingham, the new owners acquired the company in 2009 and continue to run it as a small family business.  

The management and staff all work as a close team, striving to recreate the ‘Best of British Automotive Manufacturing’.

Our expertise is in the manufacture of parts for older cars where original parts are obsolete or unobtainable. These parts are made as accurately as possible to the original manufacturers' specifications and standards,to ensure quality and authenticity; many are produced using solid brass, copper (hand polished and chromed to the highest specification) and aluminium. 

We deal with most of the classic car trade including a number of customers who are British Motor Heritage approved distributors.  You’ll see our products on most stands at classic car shows.

All of our press tools, jigs and fixtures have been made in-house.  Work is carried out on various hand presses and power presses up to 70 tons capacity. We are also able to offer on site: 

• Spot welding, mig welding and brazing

• Computer controlled wire cutting and stripping

• Light tube-cutting


Presscraft supply trade customers only throughout Europe and America. We carry large stocks of more than 70 of our own product lines. Many products are manufactured to order, commissioned by customers, to be supplied on an exclusive basis. Alternatively, some customers send us sample parts to manufacture but are unwilling to incur tooling costs.  In many of these cases, we can finance the tooling ourselves, and subsequently add the products to our stock portfolio.

Parts are manufactured for most Marques but we are always open to add other makes and models.  All products made here at Presscraft are produced to the highest quality standards that we can achieve.  We usetraditional methods whenever possible but also use new technology, such as laser cutting, where applicable. Being perfectionists, our standards are very high.

The future

Although the business continues to thrive, we are acutely aware of the need to develop new products to ensure future growth.  With this in mind, we are looking at the new generations of classic cars from the 1970’s onwards.

We acquired our new, larger premises, in May 2016, to enable us to offer a wider variety of services and facilities.     0121 328 5305